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Surprise your love with a choice of themed rooms ...  

In the intimacy of the room where all details are thought to seduce, be prepared for the purpose of  a fine service to clebrate the anniversary date. We create special moments to celebrate, when to stop time is impossible, but provide a unique environment,  where the seduction is theme; sparkling wine, strawberries and Birthday Cake, of complicity  in an environment with candles, petals and bath salts, all the surroundings it deserves. As a courtesy will be delivered a delicious complimentary tea and biscuits in the evening in the room.

Enjoy the Piano Bar nights, sound, environment, and finally the refinement and Team friendliness. In the room, no detail is left to chance, we are inspired to create the perfect combination rest and illusion,  a service to seduce you and provide the memory. We suggest if you want a nice restaurant for your dinner, you just have to ask us In the morning, order breakfast in the room. This program is specially designed to fascinate and reinforce the desire to return to Aveiro ...

Check-In (icluded):

Program - one night


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